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29. November 2021
Germany: Consumer price inflation jumping to the highest since 1992 erodes the credibility of the ECB, according to German voters
EU Commission business and consumer survey shows inflation pressure is broadening to the entire economy
Turkey: Consumer confidence plunges to the lowest ever. Hyperinflation may now be the next phase unless Erdogan pulls himself together
26. November 2021
Australia shows the implications of a central bank no longer having a love affair with bond investors. This is a warning to the ECB and the Federal Reserve
Sweden: NIER Economic Tendency Survey shows no signs of falling inflation pressure. The opposite is the case
25. November 2021
Germany: The 'perfect match coalition' is what the voters opted for. The big winner is the FDP, but the coalition agenda could turn into a nightmare for the Green Party
24. November 2021
Britain: Industrial orders and inflation skyrocket to the highest since 1977. A rate hike on December 16 comes too late to restore the credibility of the Bank of England 
Germany: The November IFO survey is a harbinger of no growth going into 2022
France: Insee business survey continues to show a robust recovery, but inflation pressure is still on the rise
23. November 2021
Euro-zone: Consumer confidence declines as inflation has turned into the primary headwind. What does Christine Lagarde have in common with President Erdogan?
18. November 2021
There will be no updates on November 19 and 22
USA: Philadelphia Fed survey shows skyrocketing inflation expectations, strong short-term demand and weak long-term growth
Turkey is maybe a special case, but the Federal Reserve and the ECB are using many of the same arguments of denial as President Erdogan
Central banks talking about 'transitory inflation' when fiscal policymakers are still going berserk seems naive. Tokyo considers launching 'the mother of all fiscal stimulus packages'
17. November 2021
USA: A weak housing market report in October does not change a picture of very strong housing demand
Britain: Inflation jumps in October as the Bank of England and other central banks look like Kamikaze pilots
16. November 2021
USA: Strong retail sales in October, but downbeat consumer surveys indicate heavy headwinds from inflation 
British companies absorbing former furloughed workers do not prevent 'unfilled vacancies' from hitting a new all-time high
15. November 2021
USA: Empire State survey shows high demand, but also companies' limited ability to fulfil orders. Inflation and delivery time jump - and the future outlook declines
China: Economic activity is still trending lower despite a minor blip in October. House prices continue the downward trend
By Invitation: Spinning China's Communist Party History in favour of Xi Jinping
12. November 2021
USA: Consumer sentiment declines as the Federal Reserve leaving inflation expectations out of the bottle creates more headwinds than tailwinds. Recession will be needed to get it back into the bottle
Germany: Wholesale price inflation jumping to the highest since 1974 could have significant domestic and global ramifications
11. November 2021
Podcast interview with Jacob Pedersen, Head of Equity Research at Sydbank: Anecdotal evidence of supply chain disruption but no signs yet of significant labour shortage problems
'Congratulation' to Japan: Producer price inflation jumps to the highest level since 1980 
10. November 2021
USA: Yet another catastrophic inflation report turns Powell into a transitory figure at the Federal Reserve
The Reserve Bank of Australia shows how difficult the long-overdue monetary U-turn will be in the United States and Europe. Only minor signs of 'less commitment' lead to the biggest yield increase since 1994
Podcast interview [language: Danish - and English interpretation] with Pelle Dragsted, a left-wing Danish politician and former member of the Danish parliament: Why have the left and market liberals been hesitant when it comes to criticising the European Central Bank's aggressive monetary expansion?
China: Factory gates inflation hits the highest since the devaluation in 1994 leaving less room for manoeuvring for Beijing
9. November 2021
USA: PPI inflation report shows domestic supply chain inflation hitting a new all-time high of 22.6% year-on-year
USA: NFIB small business survey is a harbinger of 6% consumer price inflation - and stagflation
Japan: Service sentiment jumps in October. Higher inflation poses a threat to consumer sentiment, but Tokyo plans to launch a huge fiscal stimulus package equivalent to 5% of GDP
8. November 2021
China's trade surplus hits a new all-time high as the US and European dependence on Beijing continues to increase. Chinese winter arriving earlier-than-expected spells trouble for Europe
USA: The long-overdue infrastructure bill is well-timed if it was combined with monetary tightening. Only a 'car crash' can convince the Federal Reserve to raise policy rates
5. November 2021
USA: A strong labour market will see even more support from an economy that will show stronger demand in the coming months
Germany: Manufacturing output continues lower - now down by 9.5% compared to February 2020. The ECB does not recognise it is part of the problem
4. November 2021
Euro-zone factory gates inflation hits a new record high - but no signs of relief. Inflation expected to impact coalition negotiations in Berlin
Germany: Industrial orders disappoint again as supply chain disruption hits across the board. No signs of relief. Covid cases hit a new all-time high
3. November 2021
USA: ISM service survey shows the headline index hitting a new all-time high - and a sharp increase in inflation pressure to a level not seen since 2005
Sweden: The next leg of inflation - soaring service prices. The window of opportunity is closing for Europe's central banks
Turkey: Does higher inflation in October mean lower policy rates? Yes, according to 'Erdoganomics'. The economy is back to the 2008 level
2. November 2021
South Korea: October inflation report makes leeway for the next policy hike in November
Podcast interview with Steen Jakobsen, Saxo Bank: What is the main purpose of central banks ignoring inflation - and what are the consequences?
1. November 2021
USA: Manufacturing ISM survey shows no signs of softening inflation pressure - the opposite is the case. Plenty of shortages put a drag on orders
USA: Today, the foundation for strong wage increases is much better than after the financial crisis due to more adverse demographics
China: The economy, which shows more signs of weakness and higher inflation pressure, makes the road ahead a delicate balancing act
29. October 2021
Euro-zone: The economy benefits from financial repression, and accumulated household savings, which are now being eroded by inflation
Q3 GDP report: France enjoys the benefit of not following in Germany's footsteps - so far
Japan: Manufacturing output plunges to the lowest level seen since August 2020 as global supply disruption takes its toll
28. October 2021
USA: The Q3 GDP report shows weak real GDP growth - and significant inventory build-up
Spain's October CPI index jumps far beyond market expectations. Soon, the biggest shortage could turn out to be 'excuses' at the ECB and the Federal Reserve
Sweden: The economy grows strongly in Q3 and the outlook remains strong. CPI inflation pressure is building
27. October 2021
USA: A moderate durable goods orders report does not change the fact that capital spending plans are on the rise
Germany: 'Confusing' consumer survey shows an unchanged headline index, but income expectations plunge as inflation expectations soar
26. October 2021
USA: New home sales report moves a bit away from the 'unthinkable' - recession. Nonetheless, service price inflation accelerates, according to a regional non-manufacturing survey
Sweden: Factory gates inflation hits the highest since the currency turmoil in the early 1990s
South Korea: The global supply chain mess hits investments in Q3. More disruption in the pipeline - not least from geopolitics
25. October 2021
The stimulus measures have turned into a dangerous boomerang: The IFO survey is now a harbinger of significantly slower growth
22. October 2021
Britain: The first wave of higher energy prices hit the shore in September. The second wave hit in October, according to the latest GfK consumer confidence survey
21. October 2021
USA: Philadelphia Fed survey shows 'moderate' short-term demand, but also that shortages and higher prices will hit activity soon
Britain: Factory gates inflation pressure is now at the highest since the 'Second Oil Crisis' in 1979 - and winter has not even arrived
The service sector propels business sentiment higher, as France sees tailwinds from a successful vaccination strategy and by not replicating Berlin's energy policy
Podcast interview with think tank Europa: Is there a risk that the energy crisis derails the European Union's green transition?
20. October 2021
The Germans are losing the remaining confidence in a European Central Bank, which has completely lost touch with reality on the ground
China: The 'official' decline in the housing market has started. Beijing discusses again the introduction of a national property tax
19. October 2021
President Erdogan against the rest of Turkey
18. October 2021
USA: The manufacturing sector comes to a standstill caused by bottlenecks in the global supply chain
China's economic growth slows as Beijing can no longer ignore a high number of headwinds, which have properties of being 'secular'
Global macroeconomic presentation: Inflation, energy prices, China and the next coalition in Germany
14. October 2021
There will be no updates on Friday, October 15
USA: Slightly softer headline and core PPI inflation in September, but core intermediate materials inflation hits the highest level since the mid-1970s
China: Factory gates inflation hits the highest level since 1995. Many factories are forced to shut down production without any notice
13. October 2021
USA: Today's consumer price report shows no signs of transitory inflation. A tight labour market boosts the risk of 'second-round inflation'
China trade report: Is the economy slowing as dramatically as outlined by the foreign media? No, Insightview's sources argue
12. October 2021
USA: NFIB small business survey shows soaring inflation pressure - 'Inflation is running strong but the Federal Reserve is only running away'
Germany: Investor sentiment takes a 'short-term' beating in October. Several headwinds are slowly emerging
Podcast interview: The 'collapse' of the global supply chains and logistics. 'On the ground' insights from China. Decoupling or recoupling?
11. October 2021
Italy: The economy is exposed to tailwinds from a successful vaccination process and Prime Minister Draghi's ability to get financial support from Brussels
8. October 2021
USA: The September employment report shows more evidence of an economy short of nearly everything - also common sense at the Federal Reserve
Podcast interview with Stig Thoegersen, China expert: Is Beijing's policy of common prosperity just a policy tool to retain power?
7. October 2021
Britain: House prices jump at the fastest rate since 2007. Central banks fighting the wrong war could soon be forced to shock the financial market
Germany: Industrial production plunges to the lowest level since September 2020. The EU is now Moscow's hostage - if anyone did not know already
6. October 2021
USA: ADP Employment Report shows strong jobs growth in a very tight labour market
Germany: Industrial orders plunge as supply chain chaos turns ugly. It will get worse as European policymakers have learned nothing from the 'invasion of Russia'
5. October 2021
USA: Service sector sentiment remains buoyant, but inflation pressure regains momentum
No signs of slower Euro-zone factory gates inflation. China shipping expert: 'Get used to elevated container freight rates out of China'
4. October 2021
The peculiar policy response of central banks and politicians to external shocks moved one step too far: The 'reckoning' approaches as the penny will soon drop at central banks
1. October 2021
USA: ISM manufacturing index improves at the same time as inflation at the factory gates regains momentum
Euro-zone inflation jumps in September - but the trend of elevated inflation has just started. IG Metall boss calls for a 'decent increase instead of real wage losses'
Sweden: PMI survey still shows a 'buoyant' economy, but inflation pressure jumps. Lagarde warns against 'overreacting' although the ECB has not yet reacted
Japan's Tankan survey shows improvement. Nonetheless, this is history as the aftermath of Western 'Covid stimulus measures' has hit the shore
30. September 2021
Podcast interview with Ole Hansen, commodity market expert: Is the rally in commodity prices really transitory - or is the world headed for a new super-cycle?
China: The manufacturing sector facing logistics bottlenecks, Covid and energy outages plunges into the contraction zone
29. September 2021
EU Commission's business and consumer survey: No signs of dark clouds on the horizon - so far - but inflation pressure soars
Germany: The 'perfect storm' will create significantly higher inflation - and the risk of derailing the 'climate change agenda' in Europe. The credibility of European policymakers is at risk
28. September 2021
US Conference Board consumer survey: The boomerang created by a very expensive recovery after the pandemic is coming back with a vengeance
China: Corporate profit under pressure as centrally-committed green emission targets, post-Covid-related high demand and supply constraints create heavy headwinds. Energy blackouts on the rise - Insightview sources
Germany: The Green Party and the FDP are now negotiating directly at the same time as Berlin's energy policy is on the edge of collapsing
27. September 2021
Updated Bundestag election: The Green Party turning left and FDP's Christian Lindner saying in 2017 'it is better not to govern than to govern badly' spell trouble for upcoming coalition negotiations
24. September 2021
The possible outcome of the Bundestag election: Only two viable coalitions out of five possible