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22. June 2017
Euro-zone consumer confidence jumps to the highest level since April 2001
Britain - Bad news is good news - Collapse in sterling and wage inflation boost 'buying British'
Updated version: Islamic State terror attacks in Tehran raise tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia - but with little impact on the oil price
France - Business sentiment fails to improve as the corporate sector is aware that the new government stands in front of a decisive battle
21. June 2017
Highly divided Britain is headed back to the 1970s - Jeremy Corbyn may soon be offered a 'free lunch'
Strong South Korean export data in June shows no signs of economic weakness - Beijing shows no signs of slowing infrastructure spending
20. June 2017
Germany - Producer price inflation has peaked, at least in the short run - Dovish ECB poses risk to European households' real purchasing power
USA - Labour market getting tighter will make leeway for slower growth in Q1 and beyond
Japan - Manufacturing sentiment increases to highest level since 2007
China - Strong home price inflation in tier-3 cities as price increases slow in tier-1 cities, as successful capital control continues to fuel property prices
12. June 2017
VACATION - June 13-16, 19 and August 7-12
Turkey - The economy continues bouncing back supported by strong fiscal stimulus and weak lira
Italy - Weak manufacturing report - Local election defeat of Five Star Movement may provide Matteo Renzi a second chance
9. June 2017
France - Weak manufacturing sector, as output has barely bounced back since early 2009 - but Macron seems eager to launch sweeping labour market reform
China - Inflation remains well behaved - annual PPI inflation headed for zero
The interpretation of the British election - The voters want a new EU referendum and are against fiscal austerity
8. June 2017
ECB President Draghi is in no hurry to normalise monetary policy as economic recovery broadens
Japan - Economy Watcher Survey shows strong domestic demand - but Diffusion Index heralds manufacturing weakness in H2
China - Trade report shows no signs of growth slowdown - Mainland tourists as 'Trojan horse' could make leeway for the next export leg
7. June 2017
Islamic state terror attacks in Tehran will raise tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia
FX reserves report shows Beijing is in control of the economy as the 'gates are closed' - Outlook remains 'relatively bright'
Germany - Volatile industrial orders take a beating but the outlook remains very strong
Australia - Stronger-than-expected Q1 growth - but still slowest growth rate since 2009 - mining capital expenditure on the rise?
6. June 2017
US service ISM index stays at an elevated level in spite of the failure of President Trump - employment index bounces back sharply
2. June 2017
PUBLIC HOLIDAY in Denmark on June 5
Disappointing US labour market report although the unemployment rate declines - weak wage increases
Japan - Consumer confidence improves as the labour market strengthens and inflation remains absent
US withdrawal of Paris Climate Accord will have no major impact on global climate - but Trump has turned into Kamikaze pilot
1. June 2017
US manufacturing ISM survey keeps alive the hope of a corporate spending boom - but for how long?
Brazil - The economy bounces back in Q1 as the central bank cuts policy rates by yet another 1% - next week could prove crucial for President Temer
US ADP employment report shows strong jobs growth - labour shortage puts a lid on growth
Swiss economy disappoints in Q1 as 'internal devaluation' puts a drag on domestic demand
31. May 2017
Asia - No decisive signs of slower growth, at least not for the time being!
Italy - Unemployment rate declines to the lowest level since 2012 - households are exposed to real purchasing power squeeze
Britain - Consumer sentiment bounces back even though households see real purchasing power erosion - British voters face a choice between the plague and cholera
China PMI survey - Manufacturing sentiment stabilises and service sentiment improves
30. May 2017
USA - The failure of Trumponomics dents elevated consumer sentiment but only very slowly
EU survey - Euro-zone sentiment stabilises at an elevated level as Draghi maintains dovish stance
France - Consumer confidence increases to the highest level since 2007
Japan - Job offers hit a new record high
29. May 2017
Spain - Retail sales bounce back as economic expansion is broadening - export expectations soar
US Q1 GDP revision raises growth due to stronger private consumption and corporate spending - but 'Trump failure' risks bursting balloon of hot air
24. May 2017
No updates on May 25 and May 26 due to public holidays in Denmark
US existing home sales disappoint in April
Germany - Consumer climate index hits the highest level since 2001
Japan - Reuters Tankan survey continues to show upbeat outlook, but the outlook has become more complicated
23. May 2017
US new home sales plunge in April as the economy is slowly moving back to become 'late-cycle'
Strong German IFO index jumps to a new record high - Q1 GDP growth would have been much stronger without drag from inventories
French INSEE business survey - The election of Emmanuel Macron fails to make an imprint in the sand
22. May 2017
Japan - Chinese demand boosts export sector, but failure of Trump could lead to significant yen appreciation
China - Home price inflation slows in tier 1 cities but increases in tier 2 and 3 cities - steel prices remain buoyant
Unplugged travel notes from China - Don't shoot the messenger, but optimism prevails!
11. May 2017
No updates - May 12 (Public holiday in Denmark) May 15-19 (China Trip)
No updates - May 15-19 (China Trip)
USA - PPI inflation exceeding market consensus will not give rise to a change in the strategy of the Federal Reserve; policy-makers are aware that they are behind the curve
China - Iron ore prices plunge while steel prices remain 'relatively' strong
The ramifications of a global technology wave spreading wider and wider
Japan - Strong Economy Watcher survey supports upbeat growth outlook for the second half of 2017
10. May 2017
Brazil - Inflation could soon break the lower level of the central bank's target range - steep rate cuts remain in the pipeline
President Trump crossing the line raises the question of impeachment if the White House tried to put a lid on the Russiagate investigation
France - Strong domestic demand boosts the trade deficit as exporters fail to benefit from a booming German economy - Marion Marechal Le Pen considers quitting politics
China - Benign consumer price inflation - Sharp decline in PPI inflation in the pipeline - No signs yet of a collapse in steel prices
9. May 2017
US small business sentiment stays at an elevated level; job-openings hit the highest level since 1999
Skyrocketing German imports from the Euro-zone - French 'old elite' moves to the 'new' elite
8. May 2017
Japan - Consumer confidence falls as households' inflation expectations increase
China - Trade report still shows no decisive signs of a collapse in domestic demand in spite of weaker imports
Germany - Industrial orders boosted by strong foreign demand - Mrs Merkel gains victory in Paris and Schleswig-Holstein - Martin Schulz humiliated
5. May 2017
US April labour market bounces back from a disappointing March report - but 'Trump magic' has disappeared in the forward-looking employment indicators
4. May 2017
Poor US productivity report is a reminder to the Trump administration that it focuses on the wrong issues
Euro-zone retail sales show robust growth in the first quarter of 2017 - ECB will soon start on path of several rate hikes
Spain - April unemployment number plunges at the fastest pace ever recorded - '80% of the EMU justifies' a reversal of ultra-loose monetary policy
The main price-setter boosts oil and gas output by nearly 10%; oil inventories at a record high
3. May 2017
US service ISM index shows surprising improvement. Orders index jumps to highest level since July 2005, but employment indicator stays at a 'depressed level'
US ADP report shows slower employment growth but better than outlined by the latest national labour market report
Irish unemployment rate drops to the lowest level since May 2008; ultra-loose monetary policy creates the foundation for a new asset price bubble in the property market
Euro-zone - Solid Q1 GDP report, but leading indicators point towards 3% annualised growth in H2
Germany - The labour market is tightening as the economy sees no friction; fiscal tightening is not an option
2. May 2017
'President Macron' would give rise to social and political clashes not seen since 1968
Sweden - Manufacturing PMI index declines - Dovish Riksbank risks undermining long-term attractiveness of the Swedish crown
Italy - The unemployment rate stays at an elevated level, as Renzi re-enters the political scene
1. May 2017
US manufacturing ISM survey takes a significant beating as the failure of President Trump closes the expectations gap
China PMI survey - The economy is 'neither too hot nor too cold'
28. April 2017
US GDP report - 'Changes in inventories' and private consumption were a significant drag on growth in Q1 - but corporate spending was very strong
Euro-zone credit expansion regains momentum in April
Japan - Manufacturing output declines as labour market tightens to a level not seen since 1990
Weak French GDP growth in Q1 as inflation makes an inroad into workers' real purchasing power
27. April 2017
US durable goods orders - The gap between 'expectations' and 'actual' spending is still too wide
Spain - Unemployment is headed significantly lower as growth outlook improves
ECB President Draghi cannot ignore a very strong EU business and consumer survey - households are becoming highly upbeat about the labour market
South Korea - Significant increase in investments boosts first-quarter GDP growth; sentiment improves in spite of military tensions on the Korean peninsula
26. April 2017
Stronger 'actual' data will make it harder for ECB President Draghi to maintain an ultra-loose monetary policy
France - Unchanged consumer confidence, but households are turning more upbeat on the labour market
25. April 2017
US consumer confidence declines in April; but households remain highly upbeat about the labour market
US home prices continue to see support from a benign monetary environment and low supply - the Federal Reserve remains on an unchanged path of several rate hikes
France - Business sentiment recovers in April from a weak March survey - Melenchon voters could still cause trouble for Macron in the second round
24. April 2017
CBI survey continues to herald strong growth, but inflation expectations stay at an elevated level
Strong IFO survey in April; Germany faces strong tailwind and September election appears to become a 'walk in the park' for Chancellor Merkel
Macron win is worth nothing unless he gains decisive victory in the National Assembly election in June
21. April 2017
Britain - Real wage erosion hits retail sales - EU President would welcome UK if voters were to change their minds on June 8
Francois Fillon is the best reflection of French voters